Gift Items in Dubai


Gift items are important. Whether it’s gift items for your friend, family, or colleagues. Giving someone a gift is like giving them an expression of appreciation for all the time they have spent with you and there is nothing more thoughtful than that. A gift follows no rules, follows no guidelines; it can be anything from materialistic to emotional, literal to abstract. But what if you want something more personalized? What if you want something unique? Well then, custom printed gifts may be just the thing for you.


Gift Items Company

When selecting the best custom gifts, the challenge is to find a gift that they won't tire of or forget about. We provide you this that you like and would love to keep as a memory and treasure forever. Being able to share memories and stories with others makes one stop and stop for a moment in life. However, gift items are an important part of this process. you can grow your business by giving out gift items for people to remember you. We provide services that are affordable, practical and memorable.


How gift-items is good for Business Growth?

We are the perfect option for growing your business because they offer products that are not only practical but also show off your creativity. When customers get something unique from you, they will think of you every time they use it so their name will be on their mind when deciding who to buy another item from.

Caps Printing

Custom caps are the best way to advertise on a budget. The internet has opened up all sorts of doors for marketing your company, but it can be expensive sometimes. This is where custom printed caps open up the opportunity for affordable advertising through old-school style.Just about everyone wears a hat these days, and they're usually pretty practical in terms of keeping warm or cool when outside during different seasons. We offer you an environmentally friendly virtual catalog that lets you order every size imaginable with complete customization, ranging from one color to many colors at no additional charge.

T-Shirts Printing

Custom printed T-shirts are usually best for marketing specific or discrete events, not long-term marketing. If you're running a medium to large-sized business and looking to provide shirts with your logo on them, most likely they will not come very cheap.However, if you want something that's custom made and is coming from an individual with experience in screen printing, who knows what they're doing and can work within the needs of the project - then absolutely. From intro business logos to memorial designs and everything else in between - we'll take care of it all. If we don't have any past designs that you like then we'll gladly start from scratch with our years of experience providing amazing customer service always. Most people love Hub Sol because of that..


USB Flash Drive

USB drives are a great way to carry your files with you and share them too. Whether you're at school, work, or just hanging out with friends always make sure that they have a USB drive so no one misses any important information! Our smart printing company prints branded ones too- we offer UAE-based Printing Services in Dubai & Ab Dhabi. We print on anything from rechargeable batteries cases up through clothes which makes them perfect for everyday use as well Our customer satisfaction rate is over 97%.

Pens Printing

This is especially true when you're engaging the customer at point of sale with custom printed pens. Whether you've made it to the register by browsing in-store or if they're handed to you with an order, these promotional handouts are a great way to leave your customer with something that will stay in their hands after they walk away.

Pop Sockets

Some businesses might think it's a good idea to invest in custom printed pop sockets. These promotional items are great for your customers, and help to keep their phones from slipping out of their hands while they're watching videos or Face Timing.For organizations looking for an affordable incentive program or promotional item that rewards high performers, our pop sockets.In addition, the silicone design means that they should be more convenient than glasses or other devices for people who need corrective eye wear because the pop sockets would also help with balance and stability while walking.

Cotton Bags Printing

Custom printed cotton bags are a great way to promote your business. Printing your design on something that will be used every day is the best advertising.Custom Printed Cotton Bags are always eco-friendly because they don't involve toxic inks or plastics, and can be made to order with any details requested - no tooling charges, inventory limitations or minimums. Side seam construction provides strength for heavy loads, while zippers ensure easy opening and closure of all compartments. Fabrics with Liquid Polyurethane Coating (LPC) offer an extremely stylish surface for most types of designs. And due to their durability and versatility, LPC fabric custom printed cotton bags are perfect for carrying everything.


Calendars are a wonderful way to reach your customers every year, and in some cases, not only annually but monthly with a repeating calendar that allows for constant advertising.There's no question that it creates an opportunity for repeated viewing of your company brand message which makes it stands the best out of any kind of promotional product when it comes to long-term repeat advertisement for your business. With calendars from Hubsol, you'll find experienced professionals who will understand all the different printing processes to find one appropriate for sewing your designs onto durable wool cloth or paper inside multiple designs available matching our custom-made calendar templates so Good..

Why Your Business Should Be Using gift-items Services

Using gift items made by your company every time there are sales is a great way to encourage good customer service. For instance, Starbucks gives away free coffee or tea drinks with any purchase when you mention the name of the store's new product -- giving it an insider feel.If you have something to offer your customers as they leave, odds are they'll stay with you for longer before moving on. Why it works is simple, really. You're not just handing someone their reward so they can go live happily ever after without thanking you--you're showing them that their love for what you give them isn't misplaced by letting them know that they will always be rewarded for their loyalty with some bonus gifts