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We are Dubai based company but offer services all around the world in very competitive price.

Registering your domain with us lays the foundation of our long term business relationship and you are entitled to have friendly consultancy all the time online, by phone or personally.Once with us, you get stress-free all from all hassles regarding domain and other web issues.

Hub Sol boasts on the fact that it provides domain hosting place to numerous companies with "dot ae" extension. The "dot ae" extension is very popular among companies in the world because of its search value.


We have team of professionals Domain Registration and web hosting experts who provide you with excellent consultancy in choosing domain name and its TLD like .com .biz .us .in etc. As our professionals are fully connected and aware of market trends and SEO tendencies so they can give you priceless consultancy to get on right track to yield maximum results soon. We are also very cost friendly company and we offer solutions within your budgets and limits. Once you engage with, you will have multitude options.


Domain registration is inevitable to make website accessible and live for World Wide Web. Each website is recognized by its unique domain name like address of your home. For domain registration, you have to follow simple process. First you need to choose unique name for your domain which does not exist on line already. There are many domain registration companies but quality of domain registration services varies from company to company and place to place in many aspects. Choosing domain name is very important because if your brand name and domain name you get many marketing benefits. Having brand and domain name same benefits the company in SEO as this combination makes your search probability healthier.

We are Dubai based company that provides the services of renew domain in Dubai. We have made it very simple and on just your simple email or phone call with deposit of required fee you get your domain renewed without any problem. We also has the system of reminding its clients through emails or phone before the expiry of the domain so take this email seriously and renew your domain without wasting any time.


AE Domain Registration Dubai


Domain is registered for certain period of time after which you are required to renew domain name. It is very important to renew the domain name in time because one it is expired, it can be taken by other person and you can lose all the hard work and efforts that you put in to make your domain name an identity. So the renewal of domain name is extremely important for different reasons but commonly people ignore its importance because it is low cost thing to do. Once domain is expired your customers would find it very difficult to find you online and if you go online with new domain then you have to start from scratch again and it causes you great loss as you lose all the ranking that search engines had provided you on the domain before its expiry. Another loss is the loss of traffic that you had on your old domain and if it is taken over by another person he will enjoy the benefits of that traffic that you built with your efforts of hard work.

AE Domain Transfer

Transfer of Domain common phenomena and sometimes if companies are not satisfied with services of domain hosting company they can transfer it to another domain registration and hosting company. Hub Sol is very credible name for Domain Transfer Company and everyday many companies transfer their domains with us as we provide perfect web solutions and serve them with consistent consultancy for resolving all issues concerning to their domains. The process of domain transfer is very simple and you just required applying for it for future operation. Once you apply we guide you step by step to make it happen smoothly. For Domain Transfer, you need to get the permission from your previous registrar and once you provide us all the required information, we transfer it instantly. We offer different packages for your domain and you can choose from these packages according to your suitability and requirements. Our customer service is very efficient and we are always available to listen and solve your problems.

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UAE is one of most growing region in business and Dubai is hub of multinationals. Being the free port and having excellent multicultural environment, it serves as the connecting place of east and west. Asia is a big market and all the multinationals strive to capture huge market of billions of people. Dubai is such a place that offers an excellent environment for all the businessmen of the world to establish companies in this region and get the huge share of the unlimited market. These conductive aspects for business have made UAE a very growing country in terms of business. Now people all around the world want to establish business here so they need AE domain registration website services.

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