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Our Approach

Our Approach

About Hubsol Technologies LLC - Our Mission

Our Mission

"Our mission is to win the satisfaction, belief and unshakable loyalty of our clients through our excelling services."

Hubsol is offering one of the standardize website designing and website development process which ensure the top quality product. We work hard to give something refined to our cust0mers out there and help them in business growth. We have 8 step procedure through which we design and develop a website. You will love this innovative journey with our team. 

Query generation

In this part, customer contacts us for a website. You can do it via email or contact us on the numbers. Our team is well-trained and they are available at your service round the clock. We will take your requirements and will ask what you want on your website. This communication cycle can be little longer but this is for your convenience. 

Our proposal

After having the discussion we will tell you about some of our proposal with the prices. We will be happy if you give us your idea regarding the work and your suggestion is always valuable for us. Then we will do the deep research so that we can see every aspect of the project. The detailing is from the smaller-scale to the larger-scale businesses. We are expert in all of them.

Specification Wireframe

We will gather all the necessary information about the work before stepping into this stage. Our team will add up your purposes and reasons why you are interested in this project. So this will end up in building a rough sketch of your website. We will send you a rough prototype that will show you that how your website will look and how different function will work your website simultaneously. This is a practical way to convince you of some of the requirements rather than making boring documents.

Innovative Designs

When the requirement gets improved our main focus is to make the design of the website. We will send you a draft of design which is telling the look and feel of your website. We never make all the pages because it will take much effort and money so we just design one page and apply on several pages. You can give the feedback several times as we will keep changing till you didn’t get satisfied.

Implementation of Coding

We have several technologies through which the coding phase can start as soon as the design is approved. We love to work with some of the best open source server-side technologies like Php, Dot Net, and MySQL. Also, we are using Ruby on rails to fasten the development phase. Rails are one of the best tool now using by some of the developers.


Once development gets completed this is available for you to test it before launching it to the internet. We will take your feedback on the regular interval if the website is complexed and large. It will save your time and our effort that we put in the end if we take the feedback in end. This is the direct way to make a website in an organized manner.

Launching the website

Now your website is ready to launch so that your targeted audience can see it easily. Your services are all published through which you are going to get the audience.

Post Development help

After the launch of the website, we will start checking the errors and bugs. We will fix those bugs till all goes fine. We also can maintain your website if you want any updates in future. For grabbing the audience attention you can start doing SEO, and social media marketing of your website.