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Laravel Web Development

10 Interesting Facts about Laravel Web Development

Laravel took the hold in the market in the year 2018.

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Laravel framework is friendly for developers
One of the very simple languages that have a good framework. The syntax of the Laravel is very simple and easy to understand for developers. Also, Laravel has good documentation also this is easy to test. Web developers now love to use this framework for coding and make websites more efficiently.

Laravel manage the web applications

Laravel is the most common requirement in web applications. Ease of authentication with the database. All the interactions are settled up without using much effort. Simplicity has also grabbed the market for Laravel easily.

Expressive ORM

Through the use of simple syntax, Laravel is giving seamless mapping object-oriented. This way increase the compatibility of the web applications on each and every platform throughout.



Migrations are not a problem now and the new developer doesn’t need any schema with the help of Laravel. Now the new concept of migration pairing has been launched and with that concept, everything become handier than ever.

The blade is basically a template engine which is allowing to write easier programs and after that, it also allows extension in the code. Blade never put any overhead in the program but make it easier for the programmer to write something in Php. The blade is based on its own loops and conditional statements.

Building a query

In Laravel 4 the query builder option is also given. This is the marginal of Expressive ORM. In Laravel 3 some of its functionalities were given all of them were never incorporated before the latest version. Now you can write query directly and doesn’t require to set the database separately.

Artisan CLI
Command Line Interface of Laravel was introduced in Laravel 3 for the first time. With the invention of Laravel 4, it has introduced some more features in it. Also, some of the features of symphony framework are also present in it.
Database incorporation
Some of the frameworks do not easily incorporate the database and the developer has to set the table manually in the process of testing using dummy data. This is one of the inconvenient methods to populate the tables. So this feature was introduced in Laravel. Now you didn’t need this feature and you can easily do Database incorporation.

Laracasts is for help if you want to learn Laravel. This is one of the websites having tutorials about Laravel which was made in the year 2013. This is the platform for everyone who wants to learn Laravel.

Community of Laravel
Laravel has the brilliant community which is working on the amazing features of Laravel. Also, this community is offering some forums through which you can get the knowledge of what new features are introduced in latest versions. 


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