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Design Trends 2018

9 web design trends to watch for in 2018

Website designing is the battle of the modern world.

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Vivacious Colors of Websites
Google has made some changes in 2014 and then it gives the higher edge to website designers to make changes in the website colors. This makes the new changes in the material design industry. Vivacious color schemes are conceivably the pacified part of this drift as we are also going to experience more with photo saturation, double exposure, and gradients. Use of brighter colors increased in website designing in Dubai. Also, designers got appreciation from the audience when they got a beautiful visibility.

In-controllable Composition Adoptions
The designs in 2018 come with a lot of changes as the rules are set for the readability of the website content. Standards are made for the paragraph and these rules are never be broken. Header texts are also having the different story in the design.

Now designers are working with the grids and layouts and using unanticipated changes. This unevenness is delighting, and surprising the users who are experiencing the beauty of concepts from designers. Buttons are not very prominent on the pages now but now users are also getting smarter and use to of this setting.

Micro Interfaces
Animations are not bigger and bolder now. You have to make some typefaces which become impetuous and unorthodox against more old-fashioned and safer standards. The animations are going to become the signal reward for the visitors in the modern era.
Adhesive Features
Sticky features such as navigation bars, hello bars are not the new concept now in the website designing. In the new design, only some of the items are stick to the website which will reduce the friction when you are sharing messages in a modest way with visitors.

Drawing Features
Photography and illustrations are becoming the modern trend of website designs. This is the way which can easily tell the audience what you really want. But this never means that you have to make all the website on illustration but you can focus on some parts and highlight your idea in that.

Liquid Contours
Shapes are changed in 2018 on the website. This is one of the topmost trends in website designing in Dubai. Designers also love to do this as they don’t have to follow the right geometry of the shape.

Mobile Website designs
In 2018 the websites are usually searched from mobile phones so if you are not targeting the audience on phone you can be at risk. Now Google is also doing mobile phone indexing of the website. So that means now a website has to rank on the mobile phone, not on a desktop. 


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