All websites that are shown on the internet are hosted on a web server. You can refer to a web server like a software or hardware that makes it easy to deliver content through the Internet.  Through web hosting companies, clients lease or own space provided by the web server. You can say that it is a very confusing process to find and select the perfect package of web hosting in Dubai, as there are various web hosts to choose from.

Web hosts offer various kinds of packages which include different types of features. The requirements and the cost of each package varies. The features include data transfers, security and privacy settings, guaranteed uptime, technical support, bandwidth, disk space, email boxes, several domains, marketing tools and website design. But the most important thing is to know your requirements to make a smart selection for the planning of the website.

Below are the essential key features of trustworthy web hosting:

Disk Space/Storage:

All web hosts get limited storage or space to upload business-related content on a server. The business-related content includes graphics, web pages or any other type of media that is used on the web pages, any type of information that are for facilitating the visitors which they can even download and an amount of space provided for emails. Additional space can also be provided to save different types of files that are uploaded or created by the web server or web application. There are packages in which extra space is available which help them to upload more graphics, pictures, content, videos or other files that consume more space.

Data Transfer / Bandwidth:

While selecting a reliable web hosting these two factors are important which shall not be ignored. These include one feature but both have different aspects that work together side by side in the same process.

Data transfer is referred to, each month how much data is being transferred. There is a transfer limit of data and if it exceeds it results in a temporary shutdown of the website or extra fee charges. It is also a reason for traffic on the internet if you choose a package with additional data transfer features more than it is needed.

Bandwidth refers to how much amount of data can be transferred at a time. If you choose a package with less limit of bandwidth, it takes too much time to load the page while visitors visit the web pages. The higher limit of bandwidth is quite expensive as its performance is far better and customers get more satisfied.


 Control Panel Features:

To create an efficient and manageable website and its content is the most important and critical job for a website owner. The (c-Panel) Control Panel features the gears for uploading the content and dealing the web pages, subdomains, domains, developing parked domains, protecting directories, website statistics, virus protection, security and privacy tools, accounts of FTP, domains add-on, readdressing visitors of the website to other locations, back up data, and filters of spam.


From a most trustworthy web hosting supplier it is the most essential feature. Websites available for visitors 24/7 or up for at least 99.99% of the time, is called guaranteed uptime by the web provider. Guarantee here means server uptime, service uptime, network uptime, web server and 24/7 support as well.

Domain Name:

On (WWW) World Wide Web, your website’s unique address or name is called a domain name. To secure a company’s or an individual’s website domain, they need to register your domain. A domain name will be ready for purchase and ready to use, once a registration process is completed. A domain name can be used for a limited time allotted, usually for one year but the time limit can be extended anytime. The domain owners must keep an eye and when the expiry date is near they can renew the registration, or the domain will be reverted back for purchase by the general public.

Dedicated and Shared IP Address:

A common name IP address is also known as Internet Protocol Address, it is the statistical address which states where to find the domain and hosts of the servers on the internet. It is very beneficial to have a shared IP address or devoted IP Address.

Having a devoted IP address indicates that you have a specific IP Address you are using and you are the only one using this. Owning a unique IP address results in having a great (SEO) Search Engine Optimization rankings which will help to find the website more easily and will be more visible to the visitors.