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  • Importance of Data Base Marketing

    Importance of Data Base Marketing
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    • 08 Mar 2019
    Database marketing is a very useful technique of marketing. It’s a kind of direct marketing approach or marketing communication technique in which data base of customers are being used for marketing.
    This data base includes name of customer, its purchasing history as well as patterns, phone number, email and other legal information. This data can be collected through application forms, contest entry forms, product purchase form and product warranty cards etc.
    Advantages of Database Marketing
    Many big companies use this technique of data base marketing due to its effectiveness. It’s appropriate by generating a larger data for marketing of your product in a larger group. Through this marketing technique you can easily target and approach your desired audience through a refined data.
    Companies use too many systems to collect the data and marketers are facing difficulties to find a good strategy to managing all the data in an effective way. The best solution for this is to use most updated tools to manage and use all the desired data.
    Appropriate customers for Direct Marketing
    Most appropriate customers for direct marketing are those who are highly interested in the promotion of new products and want to get information about new products.
    It is clear that data base marketing totally relies upon generating useful data. The more data is effective and appropriate then data base marketing will be successful.
    This is easy for online retailers as they can collect online data but at the same time offline retailers can generate this data through company card system.
    Data can also be obtained through customer services as they have all the records of customers for customer relation management.
    The companies that use technique of data base marketing should gather, refine and analyze the data about their customers on continuous basis. This data is very important as it supports marketing sales programs.
    Data Sources
    Purchase data
    Customers Response to different promotional campaign
    Demographic data according to gender, age, education etc.
    Data about the frequency of visit to the site
    Website history
    Product Browsing details as well as website’s features that are being used
    Purchase history
    Campaign response history
    Loyalty Program data
    Correspondence history
    Interaction of brand and customers

    Professional Services for Maximum Output

    Now with the great evolution in the technology, there are many companies providing digital marketing services as well as web development expertise to either build or upgrade your website design, improve current marketing services, implement a new website design, increase e-commerce capability, build a custom application, develop or clean your customer database, or tune your web site content for search engine optimization efficiency. These companies have professionals in different field of Web development, web designing, ecommerce, digital and data base marketing to provide up to the mark technological solution to their clients to keep the maximum standards in quality and creativity.


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