Major causes of decay in Web Traffic

Major causes of decay in Web Traffic

Major causes of decay in Web Traffic

There are different types of factors that contribute in web traffic like ranking of your websitedesign and layout web page loading time, search engine optimization as well as content of your website.

Website traffic means number of visitors visiting a site. The more traffic a site receives the more revenue it generates. Whether the decline in web traffic is slow or drastic, in both cases it can have adverse effects on your revenues. Therefore, it is crucial to understand the root cause of the problem and tackle it as soon as possible.
There are many factors that can contribute in decline your web traffic. Here are some important one that needs to be fixed to boost your web traffic.

Google Analytics
Google Analytics have been created to keep track of visitors visiting a site. First of all, try to find out is Google Analytics working properly or not? It can be possible that you are not losing your web traffic in reality rather there is some issue with Google Analytics itself such as problem with the placement of tracking code in your website. proper functioning of Google Analytics is very important.

Search Engine Optimization
Any malfunctioning with your site SEO can vastly affect your web traffic for example if Google has made changes to its algorithm it means SEO techniques that were working for your site earlier may become unsuccessful today and if you don’t do now what Google wants you to do then your site’s ranking will suffer and ultimately you will see decline in your website traffic.

Changes in your Website
Any changes in your website may affect your web traffic. When you do major changes to your site such as change location of web pages or rebuild your website but do not manage these changes properly then it negatively affects website traffic. If you have redesigned website and used more pictures on the web pages as compared to text for making website look more appealing. It is to be noted that when you have reduced amount of text and keywords on your web pages it means you cannot optimize those pages for a number of keywords and as a result of this you will lose traffic. Sometimes changes in location of pages can also affect the web traffic as search engine has not indexed the new location of this web page then when a visitor would like to access this web page, site will show an error and visitor will leave the site.

Too much Loading time
Too much loading time usually frustrate the users so this issue can be resolved by discussing with your web hosting provider.

Poor Security
Poor site security results in website getting hacked or infected with malware which leads to lower web traffic. Use Google webmaster tool to find out if the website is infected with malware or not.

Try to keep an eye and resolve all these problems to boost the traffic because it is very important for the success of your business and online presence.