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  • Most common Web design Errors

    Most common Web design Errors
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    • 14 Mar 2019

    Web designing is a broad spectrum that covers so many areas like graphic design, interface design, user experience web design, usability, search engine optimization, web development and many more. Web designing has started from 1989, whilst working at CERN Tim Berners-Lee proposed to create a global hypertext project, which later became known as the World Wide Web. After that with the technological evolution, it has significant and modern changes according to usability and accessibility of the people.

    Although there is a great evolution in the industry of web designing and development, but still there are some common errors that designers keep repeating. These errors should be eliminated to get maximum outputs. For this keep in mind the main objective of web designing and development:
    Help users find information
    Enable users to read that information
    Make sure that user has clear understanding where to click and where the destination is
    Lack of Clarity and Difficult to understand
    It’s the main error that should be focused by the designers while designing a website. According to studies following errors come under lack of clarity;
    Unfamiliar Locations for content
    Most of the designers place content in places that users aren’t familiar, like unsuitable category names that don’t match the anticipated content.
    Navigational Problems
    Ambiguity in navigations leads your user switch to another where content can easily be sorted out.
    Hidden Fees and Prices
    The users want to know about everything they’ll have to pay for up front, at the start of a transaction. This refers to charges, payment fees and expediency fees. From a pure design outlook, it’s a massive mistake that causes a loss of customers and businesses.
    UX relates issues
    User Experience is all about how we perceive a website, how we use it, and how we remember it. So, to increase the usability you have to come up with a better UX design. There are different mistakes repeatedly seen by designers regarding UX;
    Inaccessible pieces of information on any given page that fail to link to another.
    Design errors regarding UX fails to provide users with the information they’re looking for in the framework.
    Leaving Users on subsites with no way of returning to main sites.
    Link repetition
    Imperfect filters and facets that creates confusion for users.

    Information Structure and style mistakes
    The information structure and overall style and design help the users to understand the environment and content provided on your web site. The following mistakes are being seen by the designers in this domain;
    Confusing your users with excessive information. The content should be interesting and in small chunks. Bullet points are the best way to present your content.

    The other mistake is to present users with hidden links so placement of relevant links are extremely important in web designing.

    It’s the duty of the designer to provide your users with an outstanding UX. Otherwise, your site’s usability, adaptations, on-page time, and sales will drop that is actually not tolerable and affordable for your client. It can ultimately create a big mess.


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