Must have Chrome Extensions for Website Designers

Must have Chrome Extensions for Website Designers

Must have Chrome Extensions for Website Designers

Must have Chrome Extensions for Website Designers
We will discuss about some of the awesome chrome extensions for website designers. This will give the edge and ease of working with some innovative ideas. Most of the website designers in Dubai are using these techniques to make a handy design. These will help you to make a perfect website design which is usable for the long time and your customer will totally convinced with the design idea that you have made with less effort and time consumption.

Inspect Design
Page Ruler
Page ruler is a software which help you in the measurement and to limit the content on each page. It will also tell you the height and width of the page on which you are working.

Measurement of dimension is not a difficult task with the help of this extension. You just need to put the mouse pointer and get the measurement of the page. This is an amazing thing.

Visual inspector
Visual inspector have the capability to change any website design when the website is live. This is one of the best extension and most of the designers are loving this idea.

Fonts are now easy to pick
On the webpages, this become one of the easy steps to check that which font is using so that you can also use that for your website page. This is one of the easy methods to pick the fonts which are available on the websites.

Google Font previewer
This extension has the capability to pick a font from the directory of Google API and apply it on the web page. This is one of the best ways to make a website font easy without doing any extra effort. Most of the designers have this extension for their work. This is one of the recommended extension.

Tools for color
This is one of the famous extension for Google Chrome. This helps the designer to get the code of any color by selecting the color. One of the handy extension is the basic need of most of the designers in Dubai. You can take it for your work with the website.

Your Graphic Designer
This is one of the HTML5 vector graphics editors which has got the fame among the designers. This is using for drawing purpose in the website designing. It can also paint the vector graphics online and offline both. This is one of the useful extension to use in the Google Chrome.
Responsibility Checker
Window resizer
This is working as an emulator and now you can check the website design according to every screen resolution. Most of the designers are now using this extension in order to make the website responsive. This is one of the basic extension which designers are using as a must because now every website is becoming the responsive one.

Responsive Website Design Tester
Testing is one of an integral part of web design and web development. So this extension is also checking responsive designs of the website. On the other hand, you can see the mobile preview of the website. On the other hand, this extension can provide you the facility of watching the design in the landscape and portrait screen. This makes designers life really easy and affordable. Use of these extensions can make a perfect website design. All of the designers in modern areas are using these extensions so that they can make a good design in less time.