UX Guidelines for creating a perfect website

  • UX Guidelines for creating a perfect website

    UX Guidelines for creating a perfect website
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    • 13 Mar 2019

    Most of the people spend a lot of time on the internet by navigating websites, reading news and articles, using social media or web apps. Most of the time, experience is superb, but sometime it’s not as good as it should be. What does it mean? It’s all about the poor web design that don’t keep in mind the user experience (UX).

    User Experience is all about how we perceive a website, how we use it, and how we remember it. So, to increase the usability you have to come up with a better UX design. It’s the duty of designers to create a web design with perfect user experience.
    Here are some guidelines that help you that how to UX your website or web projects:
    Keep in mind user experience While Designing

    According to modern trends of web designing, the web site should have more visual and interactive features to strike users response to help them stand out in the extremely competitive world. UX design is a significant factor that should keep in mind while designing a website.

    Simple and Clear
    Try to make clear, consistent and simple design to avoid any kind of difficulty for the users. It takes only half a second for the user to evaluate your website. If it will be complicated and difficult to use with bad experience he or she will switch to the other site and will not come back to you and definitely then the purpose of your website will die. Always keep in mind that user experience should be your first priority and how it could be achieved, just by making all the features simple and easy for users.
    Keep in mind your Potential Audience
    While designing any website or app just keep in mind your potential users or audience. It will help you to find out their needs and requirements for creating a perfect UX web design. The competitor analysis also helps to define a road map for you that how to use styles and designs that your audience is comfortable with. You can then distinguish yourself with your ideas on their requirements.
    Visual Appeal
    Focus points to appeal your users is very important. Highlight the most important elements on interface so the users focus on them. Although there are a lot of ways to highlight different features, but the most significant is to make it larger than anything else on the screen.
    Option of Live chat
    The option of having a live chat makes your website lively and more interactive and also gives results and feedback faster comparatively.
    User Experience Qualities according to different School of thoughts
    According to opinion of different people, here are more features that are related to building UX as well:
    To enhance user experience, the website or web app should be;
    Best Performance
    User Experience is very important that can’t be overlooked, but to enhance this experience, don’t forget to assimilate end-user feedback while remaining consistent throughout the design.


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